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Rates for groups 2024

Walking tours Vienna "Wien bewegt©" / Graz "Graz bewegt©" (about 2-2,5 hrs.)
Large groups of 30 or more should be split between two guides!
150.-- / 140.--
Bus tours "Wien rings­herum©" (for groups with their own bus, about 2-2,5 hrs.)
Optional: Offer for limousine/small bus or coach on request!
Students Vienna / Graz (2 hrs.) 140.-- / 130.--
Half day tours (up to 4 hrs.) 200.--
Full day tours (up to 8 hrs. / 10 hrs.) 360.-- / 450.--
Every additional hour 60.--
Private tours (Historical City walking tour in Vienna, about 2 hrs.)
Price per person for groups of 8 or more
Special tours for individuals (price for groups on request) in the Viennese museums (Museum of Art History, "Egyptian Department", Natural History Museum, MAK, Kunst Haus Wien, "Sisi"-Museum in the Imperial Palace, Schön­brunn Palace etc., about 1-1,5 hrs.)
Price per person for groups of 10 or more, not including entrance fees
Charge for cancel­lations 10 to 3 days before the tour 120.--
For later cancel­lations the total amount becomes due.    
Offers for bus or limousine on request.
Package prices including charge for cancel­lation ('Heuriger'(wine tavern)-package or arrange­ments for several days) on request.
Tour guide fees per day on request.

Currency: EURO (entrance fees are not included, excluding VAT)

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